our story


how it all began…

Rachael Keener is the creator behind Joy Ride Pops. An herbalist, foodie and former farmer—she has a passion for local agriculture and making food that is healthy, vibrant and fun. Born and raised in Vermont, Rachael grew up helping and experimenting in her mom’s kitchen and gardens. Her first official job was in a cafe, and from that moment forward she’s worn nearly every hat in the food world—from barista, to prep cook, to caterer, to personal chef.

Upon graduating from Prescott College with a degree in social justice, she turned to farming and the healing arts as a way of contributing to a more just, healthy and environmentally viable world. After ten years of living in and travelling to various places across the globe and west coast, Rachael returned to Vermont to settle for good and attended the three year clinical herbalist training program at The Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

Fresh out of school, she had the privilege to work for Urban Moonshine—writing and running their social media. The idea for Joy Ride Pops was hatched in the summer of 2016 when she felt maxed out on being on a computer all day for work and was ready to be more hands on and creative again doing the things she loves. One year, one custom bicycle cart and a lot of dreaming, planning and recipe developing later and it came to life.

Joy Ride Pops was inspired by the paleteria’s of Mexico, the flavors of Vermont and the joy of eating intentionally prepared food that tastes delicious.

Combining the worlds of food and herbal medicine has always been a passion of Rachael’s. And while not every pop flavor we make is infused with herbs, they’re all made with vibrant whole food ingredients that make you feel happy to be alive. Food can be medicine for the body and also for the spirit—and it’s Joy Ride Pops’ mission to nourish both.